Copenhagen Castles Itinerary

Amalienborg Castle behind the Amaliehaven Fountain and with the Marble Church in the background
  • Amalienborg, Copenhagen
  • Amalienborg is the winter residence of the Danish royal family.

  • Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen
  • Rosenborg Castle was built by King Christian IV as a hunting castle - at the time of construction it was far, far outside Copenhagen. Also visit the Danish Crown jewels on display in the basement.

    Kronborg Castle in Elsinore North of Copenhagen on Zealand
  • Kronborg Castle, Elsinore
  • Kronborg Castle in Elsinore is "Hamlet's Castle".

  • Fredensborg Castle, Fredensborg
  • The summer residence of the Danish royal family.

  • Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød
  • The home of the Danish National portrait gallery is an amazing sight.

    Vallø Slot - Valloe Castle South of Køge on Zealand
  • Ledreborg, Lejre
  • A beautiful little castle in a lovely valley. In summer there are outdoor concerts in the park.

  • Vallø Slot
  • Vallø Slot or Valloe Castle is a lovely red brick castle with a moat and a large garden in English 18th century style. This is calm and tranquility at its best.

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